Butchering Chickens A’ La Tom Sawyer

(WARNING:  this post contains chicken nudity and other images associated with the butchering of poultry)

chicken butchering01 chicken butchering02 chicken butchering05 chicken butchering04 chicken butchering06 chicken butchering07 chicken butchering08 chicken butchering03 chicken butchering09 chicken butchering10

I had so much excellent help from four amazing people that I felt like Tom Sawyer on fence painting day.

the next generation

The next generation

3 thoughts on “Butchering Chickens A’ La Tom Sawyer

  1. Well, well, well- looks like it didn’t post the comment I tried to send from my phone. What I said was that it looks like a good day! That chicken plucker is crazy, and it makes me think that if given the choice, the life of a fluffy chick is much better than the life of an adult chicken. Remember that bossy chicken that came by way of Babylon?

  2. Great photos! I’m such a hypocrite sitting here feeling sorry for the chickens and I eat chicken! You’re doing it the way it’s supposed to be done! Beautiful images of the stuff of life.

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