12 thoughts on “White Oak and Black Walnut for Eating

  1. What a great table and what an atmosphere it will create to gather around this shaping. Beautiful images. Rich, warm colours. I can smell the sawdust or shavings. Feels like the table is part of something elaborate. Like an ark or a tower.

  2. Dude, such amazing work and so great to be able to keep up with what is happening in your shop and studio. All those joints! Well done.

    1. Thanks Mikey. There has been some challenging joinery in this table, no doubt. It has been a very enjoyable process so far. I am slowly, slowly learning to make passable work.

  3. Hi Jack

    I love getting your emails. Some positive advice – make your pics brighter by adjusting the white point slider in Photoshop or such like

    see attached screenshots and a random adjusted image



    1. Hi Peter. Thank you kindly for the advice, I will give it my best consideration. The first ones in this set certainly are a bit dark.

      I am glad you enjoy the posts, nevertheless.

  4. Dear Jack,
    since I discovered your site, I come back very regularly and I am always absolutely amazed when I see that you build such wonderful things. I become eager to go into the garage and build things on my own. Looking forward to you next post.
    Greetings from Germany

    1. Thank you, Sven. Your words are very encouraging. I am especially glad to know that the things that I share inspire you to build things on your own. I happily receive your German greetings, and return mine from Kansas.


  5. Jack,
    Beautiful table! I love the curved stretcher, chamfered mortise’s, breadboard ends to be. This is a mans table, somewhere you bring your game and ale, and meet with brothers. I hope it finds a home worthy of it’s wildness. Have you had any time to draw lately?

    1. Thank you for noticing the details, David. It is a special table, destined for a special place and good purpose. Not nearly as much drawing as I like, but the the time is coming…

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