White Oak and Cherry

White Oak and Cherry05 White Oak and Cherry11

White Oak and Cherry14 White Oak and Cherry04 White Oak and Cherry06 White Oak and Cherry13 White Oak and Cherry12 White Oak and Cherry03 White Oak and Cherry16 White Oak and Cherry15 White Oak and Cherry10 White Oak and Cherry08 White Oak and Cherry17 White Oak and Cherry02 White Oak and Cherry18 White Oak and Cherry09 White Oak and Cherry07 White Oak and Cherry01

A bowl for Clive, a mantle for Tanner, and a spoon and a saddle (I am only responsible for the plaque, which is in hedge and walnut) for Harold.  This weeks bonus image is a little tree frog freshly emerged from my son’s tadpole nursery.  I trust you’ll forgive so many images of one bowl when you consider how stunning the character of the grain is from every angle.

8 thoughts on “White Oak and Cherry

  1. Dude. That spoon, that bowl, all of this is so excellent! I love that you are doing carvings on the spoons. It really is incredible what you are able to do with a piece of wood! I’m looking forward to seeing more! How is your studio coming along?

    1. Thank you, Mikey. I am pleased with how the spoon turned out for the most part, and I think the bowl may be one of my all-time favorites. The studio is coming along as well as can be hoped for.

  2. The bowl is a thing of quiet magnificence. I’m cock-a-hoop with delight. Thank you, Jack. Peter and I are hugely impressed with your ability to draw such beauty out of the block. Everything about it is a wonder. I envy Harold his spoon, though that’s a pretty base response when I already have the splendour of the bowl to enjoy.

    My day has been made.

    1. Thank you, Clive. I am fortunate to work with “raw” materials, already filled with grace and wonder. My task is to do what I can to honor the craftsmanship that came before mine. I am hopeful that I have done my best in these cases. And I am always happy to make someones day, though usually it takes the form of comic relief provided by my brilliant decision making.

  3. Everything you make looks like it’s alive Jack. Solid and richly warm. I just figured out (I’m slow) why, or maybe one reason for the title ‘School of the Transfer of Energy.’ Yes. You’re moving energy around. Partaking and transforming with great skill and collaboration with the original source of the material. And the energy it contains. Beautiful and inspiring.

    1. “Moving energy around” inside and out. Thank you for your kind and encouraging comments, Steven. I am glad the work looks like it is alive. That is good.

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