An Interview With Elizabeth Duffy

detail of Go On, John the Baptist, oil on panel, 2008

detail of Go On, John the Baptist, oil on panel, 2008

Elizabeth Duffy has been posting parts of an interview she began with me last spring and summer.  To date, this interview consistutes the clearest and really, only articulation of the beliefs and values behind my work.  I hope that you will take the time to read it.  The interview will ultimately be posted in it entirety on this site, but for now, here is part 1, part llpart lll, and the final bit part lV.  Please take the time to read some of Elizabeth’s writing as well.  She is authentic, humorous, and insightful.  Her wit and self-effacing style reveal a woman on a significant journey with valuable things to say.

11 thoughts on “An Interview With Elizabeth Duffy

  1. Really beautiful interview so far! So wonderful to read your thoughts on so many things important to me, my friend. Well done!

    1. Thank you, Mikey. I suppose, for you, almost more than anyone, it has been a long time coming. You, who have encouraged me and celebrated my work for so long. And of anyone, I believe I am the most grateful for you to have the chance to read what Elizabeth has captured.

      1. It really is incredible for me to read, my friend. I love the substance behind your work, and there is a lot in the expanded version you sent to me as well that was a nice compliment to her published posts. Hopefully we can speak about it soon! I really enjoy the “stepping back” we can experience with Elizabeth’s writing to look at your life and work from another perspective, a bit removed.

  2. I very much appreciate this glimpse into the thoughts behind your art. Much is evident from the works themselves, but this verbal approach, for me, adds dimension and betters my understanding.

    1. Thank you, Corvus. Amidst a lot of debates over the years, about the merit of art to stand alone, I often come down on the side that says a knowledge of the person who made the work, greatly increases the appreciation and understanding of it. While there is certainly a place where the art does have to exist independently of it’s maker, there is I think often a greater dynamic towards both a connection with the intent and “fellowship” with the artist. Intimacy begets intimacy.

      1. Certainly, when I come across an artifact that draws me in contemplation toward Being, I wish to understand the creator also, to (as closely as possible) share his or her vision–to fellowship, as you say. Intimacy is perhaps the source of all human knowledge and creative activity.

      2. I understand what you mean, Corvus. I believe that you are on to something when you say that Intimacy is the source of…. Thank you for your insights. I look forward to hearing more in the future.

  3. Hi Jack, I thoroughly enjoyed reading the complete interview and appreciate your personal honesty in discussing art and creativity in a wider (and, conversely, more specific) context. Your dialogue was as eloquent, eclectic and rich as your artistic creations & passions. Your family sounds like a rich source of inspiration also. Many thanks!

    1. Steven,

      You are on the short list of people whom I have looked forward to having the chance to read the interviews (that is a bizarre sentence, I hope it makes sense). I feel that you have invested and contributed a lot over the past few years now, and your voice and insight have become a valuable part of my atmosphere. I can’t remember if in all that she released is your cameo. I know I quoted you at least once, maybe more. She might be saving that for another project. Thank you, Steven, for taking the time and sharing your thoughts. One of these days it will slow down and I can finish your drawing.

      1. Hi Jack, thank you for what you have expressed. I appreciate being on that list and will continue to be inspired by your accomplishments on many fronts. No I didn’t see my name mentioned but perhaps another time, that would be more than fine. Thanks so much for this reply.

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