Through Winter

winter thru2

through winter43

through winter52

through winter46

through winter09

through winter01

through winter20

through winter35

through winter56

winter thru3

through winter03

through winter02

through winter06

through winter17

winter thru1

through winter51


through winter49

through winter34


through winter13

through winter10

through winter18

through winter22

through winter45

through winter36

through winter26


through winter50

through winter31

through winter11

through winter28

through winter12

through winter19


through winter27

through winter08


through winter38

through winter04

through winter33


through winter23


winter thru4

4 thoughts on “Through Winter

  1. Another treasury of images I could gaze at all day. The tools, the sense of calm industry, the light and the shadows, the dog slumbering under a snowfall of wood shavings. The puppets…

    Beauty and illumination in every picture.

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