Wood Turning – Jack’s Story from Isaiah Eldridge on Vimeo.

Isaiah Eldridge, a local film-maker and journalist, spent some time with me last week as I we both plied our trades.


  1. Hello Jack…I’m here with Bella and Enzo, my two grand children and they want to say hi! We’ve been scrolling through your year of pictures. Bella wants to say “We have been really liking it. It is incredible how you make the bowls and spoons…and plates and we think we saw a chair leg or something.” and Enzo says, “yup” ! Thank Jack…

      1. I surely will Jack…they are both very intrigued by having been able to convey their thoughts here after seeing your photos. A new dimension for their three and six year old selves. Thanks!

    1. Thanks a lot, Matty! I am glad that you enjoyed the video. And thank you for dropping by. I miss seeing what your working on. It may be time soon to break my fast.

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