Walking Man Sketches

Walking Man Eats Alfalfa Roots

Walking Man Listens To the Roots Talking To One Another

Walking Man Looks Backwards Into Time

Walking Man Hefting Bodark Roots and His Water Pot

Walking Man Encounters the Spirit of the Lord In a Night Heron

Night Heron Detail

Walking Man Finds Strength and Purity and the Morning Dew

Tools of the Mystic (The School of the Transfer of Energy Lexicon)

Ministers of Beauty (S.T.E. Lexicon)

Hyper-Symbolic Tools for Use in the Transfer of Energy (S.T.E. Lexicon)

4 thoughts on “Walking Man Sketches

  1. Great to see all these variations on Walking Man. And the tools of the mystic trade. Walking Man’s mythology continues to fascinate! That massive tree stump reminds me of a wedding cake. That knife at the end might be for graphite. His water pot lashed to the roots seems both arcane and middle eastern there on the prairie. Love Walking Man and all the subtle shading and soft, dark lines. Thank you Jack.

  2. What a strong collection of images! I hope we get to someday see some of these as linocut prints or paintings.

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