The Benthic Vessel

Benthic:  of, relating to, or occurring in the depths of the ocean (from Merriam-Webster).  So dubbed by my friend, Tom, this form is known as The Benthic Vessel (in red oak).  No one is sure whether they like it or not at first, including me.

7 thoughts on “The Benthic Vessel

  1. I think it’s pretty darn cool… It’s good to see you playing with form and letting it take you where it wants to go.

  2. Deeply moving textures and shapes and photographs. The way the light interacts with the wood feels almost mythical. How beautiful.

    1. Hi Jack – ‘Anonymous’ is me, Steven McCabe @ my wordpress site – I am having more than a difficult time accessing your site. Nevertheless the series of images and title of the work and the work itself is gorgeous.

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