Two Puppet Stages

Here is the main stage for the School of the Transfer of Energy Puppet Theater with some interesting shadows in the morning sun.



A slightly more complete picture of the same stage.  Here you can see the main curtains, and the side screens.  The shadow screen can be seen behind the trees of the scene in the stage.  The scene, which is under construction,  is John Beartrist Laceroot entering a grove of cedar trees.

Below is a peak at the mechanics of one of the rod puppets under the main stage floor.



This is the stage for the marionette narrator of the play which takes place on the stage in the preceding photos.  The wooden container, which is actually used to transport part of the main stage, serves double duty as the platform for the narrator’s stage.  There will be a curtain concealing the legs of the operator.

Here is a detail at the foot of the stage.  The whale is the symbol for Jonah, who the narrator, Jonas, is named for.