New Puppet Theater Stage Front


Above is the new stage front for the puppet theater, temporarily set into place.  Note the stage-wings (right and left), carved corbels, columns and sulphur inlay panels from earlier posts in their proper context.  The new main stage front still lacks the obvious finishing, and the less obvious details.  The front will also boast curtains and screens shielding both the wings from the front and leading back to the shadow screen (seen behind the main front).  I have a lot of work to do on many aspects of the theater and props leading up to the theater’s performance of The Two Deaths of John Beartrist Laceroot this spring- the first performance in over five years.


The stage front on the workbench in the shop as the colomns are being affixed.  The next post will cover the cuting of the flutes in the columns, and the special tool used to cut them.  The proscenium panel is cut from an ancient piece of reclaimed walnut.  The tree must have been quite big and old judging from the many close-set rings in this one piece alone.