Ewe Lamb; Color Reduction Lino-Cut

A few images from the inking and printing the first step and color in a small lino-cut edition of one of my ewe lambs.

In the color reduction process, multi-colored prints are achieved by a succession of printings, when more of the design is carved out at each round of printing, working from light to dark.

This first printing resulted in blue and white.  The next printing will be a green followed by a black or dark brown.  In these images, everything which is white has been craved away already, and that which is to remain blue must be carved away before the green printing.

Paddock Shed

I repurposed my first moveable paddock shed on sleds, so I built a new one.  This one has open walls for breeze and more shade area for the sheep.  The goats don’t use them much, unless it rains.  The sheep don’t mind the rain, but like to have some shade.  Simple and low cost, using mostly salvaged lumber and metal.

Ripping timbers on the bandsaw.  The timbers were roughed out with the chainsaw 2 years ago from some salvaged cypress logs.

Traditional clamp.

Cypress and 2×4’s

Pulled behind the tractor from paddock to paddock.