The set-up for chopping the dovetails for a large walnut chest, which will be incorporated into a bed I am building.


Here a joined walnut board is clamped upright  in the vice and to the stretchers for sawing the dovetails.


Finally, in the act of chopping.


2 thoughts on “Dovetails

  1. Wow the last time a cut dovetail joints by hand was about 25 years ago! it’s great to see that there are some people keeping the art alive.I tip my hat to you sir.

    1. John, I can thank my father for teaching me to cut dovetails about 17 years ago. I haven’t stopped since. I must admit to owning a few dovetail jigs, but I hardly ever use them, except when I am making a volume of utilitarian drawers (which I rarely do). The direct technology of the hand with chisel and saw may betray itself as less precise at times but it always succeeds in being both strong and beautiful, and of an unsurpassed character when compared to that of machine (though I use machines too!). Thank you for your comment.

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