Jig for Flattening Slabs

I read about this method for flattening large slabs in a publication (Woodwork I think) a year or two ago.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the article in order to reference it.  As I work with irregular slabs, too large for my machines, I expect it to be a reasonable and effective method for flattening large slabs, in this case, eastern red cedar.

The router is mounted to a 4′ sled which rides across two parallel fences (jointed 2×4’s smoothed and waxed).  The router has an   1-1/4″ straight cut bit, and mounted on the sled can cover the entire face of the slab, removing about 1/32″ of material per pass.

a couple of turned walnut handles  help to steer

the whole endeavor sits on my table saw


3 Comments on “Jig for Flattening Slabs

  1. Seen similar setup before, been meaning to build one. Thanks for reminder. It’s perfect for leveling slab bench seats I often rough mill with a chainsaw.

  2. I did the same..my Router didn’t have a good way to mount on the sled so I have an angle iron sled whereas my Router goes back and forth on that. The sled has outside rails to keep in it place. I set it up on a level picnic table so I could sit and work. Worked very well…my Cedar came out exactly like yours in the picture!
    I will forever be making enhancements to the jig, but this one is nice…can be taken down and stored in a minimal of space. I would love to submit a pict if I could…I don’t see where I can share it…
    Great job on yours!

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