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The ocean of images from the deluge of early February

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Brought Low

Working for and in collaboration with my friend, Cody, we have been preparing waney-edged planks and slabs of eastern red cedar and black walnut for loft and stair railings and countertops, while making much fodder for the compost pile.

Brought Low23

Brought Low01

Brought Low03

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Rustic Rocker in Eastern Red Cedar

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Cantilevered rocking chair in Eastern Red Cedar.  Yet to be oiled in these photos, but I like the softness and light on the forms of the unfinished cedar.


Natural-State Cedar Table

Some photos of the progression of the legs for a natural state  Eastern red cedar table.

Single leg with scribed branch support

Fitting the top supports

Sawing leg bottoms flat

Both legs with more branch braces and top support bolted on


A couple of  views of the table  so far.

Cutting in Butterflies

Last week I cut in three walnut butterflies into the cedar table top under way in my shop.

Below are a few photos from the process.  After shaping the walnut butterflies, they are scribed individually into the top, then the bulk of the waste is removed with a 1/4 ” straight bit in a router, and finally pared with a chisel to the scribed lines.

placing a butterfly

dad’s old craftsman

removing waste

all cleaned up,  ready for glue

Jig for Flattening Slabs

I read about this method for flattening large slabs in a publication (Woodwork I think) a year or two ago.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the article in order to reference it.  As I work with irregular slabs, too large for my machines, I expect it to be a reasonable and effective method for flattening large slabs, in this case, eastern red cedar.

The router is mounted to a 4′ sled which rides across two parallel fences (jointed 2×4’s smoothed and waxed).  The router has an   1-1/4″ straight cut bit, and mounted on the sled can cover the entire face of the slab, removing about 1/32″ of material per pass.

a couple of turned walnut handles  help to steer

the whole endeavor sits on my table saw