Building Layers

Building layers onto the upper half panel of Walking Man and the Ancient Ocean.  Here, the clouds, sky, middle and far landscapes, and the cliff have all been recipients of a second layer on top of the underpainting.  Below are two details, and the panel in two  previous states.


underpainting and drawing

6 thoughts on “Building Layers

  1. I really love this painting so far. It’s the kind of artwork that makes me yearn to exist in the space it creates. I find myself really enjoying the way you are handling the rolling hills behind the Walking Man. It almost has a dappled light effect. Quite nice, friend.

  2. I’ve just signed the list to be notified of your posts and so I’m prompted externally to do something which benefits me so much internally and that is: view your works of art! To experience this work in progress is a great joy, inspiration and reminder of the more subtle aspects of ourselves and the need to be aware of our inner journeys and how our external journeys are manifestations if our inward journeys, those are some of the benefits I receive. I’ll continue to view this painting and listen to the story as it unfolds. Thanks Jack.

    1. Richard, I appreciate you risking a public exposition of a few of the personal benefits you derive from the work of my hands. In the deep quiet; much gratitude, much gratitude.

    1. I am honored that you are sharing my work with your friends. I will give thought to a Facebook share button, but I must warn you that sometimes I have a predisposition to enjoy, or at least value, or most truthfully, can’t seem to help making things difficult, not just for myself.

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