Thomas and Jesus

Underpainting Complete!

The grisaille underpainting of Thomas and Jesus, et all is finally to a point where I feel ready to begin applying glazes of color.  After 6 years of work I thought I should take some decent photos of the whole thing before the next phase.  Thank you for watching.

Go On, Saint Thomas: Grisaille

Slow and periodic movement across the panel of Thomas’ egg-tempera underpainting.

Begin Thomas Grisaille

Beginning of grisaille (gray-scale) underpainting for panel of Thomas in egg-tempera.


The Vastness

The meeting place.

Brushing size into the surface of the canvas.


A note on the previous post:  Sir Richard, it is the Mighty Acts of Walking Man.

Building Layers

Building layers onto the upper half panel of Walking Man and the Ancient Ocean.  Here, the clouds, sky, middle and far landscapes, and the cliff have all been recipients of a second layer on top of the underpainting.  Below are two details, and the panel in two  previous states.


underpainting and drawing

Walking Man and Jonah Underpainting

Jacob Wrestles the Angel








These are images from a new painting I am starting about Jacob when he is wrestling the Angel.  This is a very enjoyable stage in painting on canvas- feeling out the forms with yellow ocher, then raw sienna, and burnt sienna.  These pictures represent about five hours of work.