Table Build in Red Oak Part 1

The following is part 1 of a photo essay on a rustic and a little bit twisty red oak hall table build.


Roughing out the leg spindles

Cutting the tenons to width

Establishing taper with a gouge

Breather, almost there

Leveling out with a jack plane

Down to size with the spoker

After shaping with an angle grinder and hand sanding through many grits

Leg # 2 at dawn

Side by side

Composing again

About 11 days left and a lot of work to go

5 thoughts on “Table Build in Red Oak Part 1

  1. looking good Jack. I’ll be watching close on your attachment method for the legs. I’m mighty jealous of all the nice looking local hardwoods that are making up your wood-rick.


    1. Thank you Mike and Tyler. Tyler, I’m honored to have your voice and attention. I have got to make some decisions about those legs today.

  2. HI Jack – what a great piece of artwork to start the day – just incredibly imaginative. Looking forward to more photos and you may be sure I’ll share this far and wide! Kyle

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