Ancient Persimmon Vessel

Persimmon Vessel 1

Here are the results of my collaboration with some beetle larvae on a piece of persimmon.

Persimmon Vessel 5 Persimmon Vessel 6 Persimmon Vessel 3 Persimmon Vessel 4

6 thoughts on “Ancient Persimmon Vessel

  1. Love the Persimmon! I’ve only turned balusters and chair parts…..maybe I should try a bowl. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Wow, this one is really gorgeous, buddy. I love the color of persimmon! Also, those beetle larvae tracks look almost floral.

      1. It adds another miraculous element of collaborating with nature. Well– I suppose all woodwork is a collaboration with the nature world, but this seems even more so because of the little creature burrowing the holes and creating the patterns.

  3. Oh that is beautiful. Just a beautiful piece of work. It really feels like an ancient persimmon vessel. Perfect name. The ‘accidental’ streaks feel like like a haiku writing itself on the surface.

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