The Benthic Vessel

Benthic:  of, relating to, or occurring in the depths of the ocean (from Merriam-Webster).  So dubbed by my friend, Tom, this form is known as The Benthic Vessel (in red oak).  No one is sure whether they like it or not at first, including me.

Wood Vessels

These bowls are all for sale in our Etsy Store if you are interested.  Thanks for looking.

Fumed White Oak

The above are eight turned pieces from a single 24″ section of a 24″ diameter white oak from Boaz, Kansas. The tree fell over and across the Van Horn Branch Creek about 10 years ago- We finally pulled the log out 2 years ago, and it has laid in my log pile since then, although I did mill a portion of it. The heart…

Husbandry in Harvest

Sally In The Garden, traditional fiddle tune performed on banjo and fiddle

Weitergehen “Go On”

winter’s lathe work Many of these bowls are or will be for sale at our Etsy Store: BaumWerk.

Through Winter


Step Right Up

Here are three bowls and a vessel that have just been added to our Etsy store today.  

Spoon Root

Pear and osage.  Pot and spoon.  Turn and carve.  Root and hold.  Turn to bread.