Wood: New Pages

persimmon vessel

persimmon vessel

Wood, since boyhood, has been a passion.  One also shared by my father and grandfather so I had worthy teachers and opportunity.  There will ultimately be three pages featuring some examples in each category:  Furniture, vessels, bowls and spoons, and structure and milling (yet to come).



Walnut Banjo

Walnut Banjo

5 thoughts on “Wood: New Pages

  1. Steven McCabe told what I feel here!
    En français:
    Comme ces photographies expriment bien l’essentiel de la vie!
    Le bois est plus tactile que tout le numérique de la planète! On le voit et on le perçoit aussitôt.
    Bravo pour le caractère unique de ces oeuvres d’art (même le “tas” de bois est original et beau!) et leur esthétique absolue!

    1. Thank you, your comments are always vivid in their encouragement, I am pretty humbled by “l’essential de la vie” (the essence of life).

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