7 thoughts on “Quiet Giants

  1. Drawing is one thing wonderful but sinking onto structure is mystical….thank you for the great close up in the first picture! Traveling down through the rest of them continued to be a treat. Young hands, young feet….Beautiful Jack

    1. Thank you, Jana. It is an interesting way to make a 2 dimensional line, going from plane to depth to plane again. I like how you said it: “sinking into structure”.

  2. Love the lino carving Jack…the similarity of curling remnants to the curving branches beside brick continues the rich textural feel. Is the block 11 X 14? The drawing is so realistic yet symbolic. I’m floored by the precision… Love the power in it. And the transfer seems virtually flawless. How will you print this? Beautiful musical photos also!

    1. Thank you, Steven. The block is about 12″ by 18″. It will just fit in my press with a decent enough margin for the paper. The transfer is thanks to some old-fashioned carbon paper. I feel mighty grateful to be able to make prints. It is a powerful symbolic art form in its own respect, let alone the symbolism in any image produced.

      It says something about my household, perhaps, when the universal word for any instrument is “banjo”. Even the trumpet gets called a banjo by the youngest.

  3. I love these detail shots of your lino print work in progress. Another great image under way. I look forward seeing this one come to life. Is that bridge on the way to Fall River? I don’t remember it.

    1. Hey, Mikey. I am glad you like Obed Edom so far. The bridge is actually on my friend Cody’s property. Do you remember that great stone bridge between Howard and Carl’s ranch, where we painted fence all those years back?

      1. I do remember that beautiful stone bridge. What good country out there. Happy drawing to you, my friend.

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