Go On, Obed Edom

For many years the story and name of Obed Edom have struck deeply within me.  His story in the bible is pretty short.  As with many things I have tried to make my work a path into exploring this mystery.  This print is now finished.  To go along with its completion, I have included a song that I wrote a number of years ago of the same subject and with the same goal in mind.  I hope that they are moderately fitting accompaniment to a powerful story and special man who I know very little about.

Obed Edom Print1

“I Chose You, Obed Edom” linocut, 12″x18″, sepia ink on French’s Durotone paper

Obed Edom Print2

eyes and burning “V”, feather, wheat and cedar sprig in his head covering.

Obed Edom Print3

Cherubim and Mercy Seat

Obed Edom Print6

Obed Edom’s right hand

Obed Edom Print5

three birds in his beard

Obed Edom Print4

The Holy Ghost’s wild goose, and sleeping kestrel

11 thoughts on “Go On, Obed Edom

  1. Obed-Edom

    Obed-Edom’s house
    Was none but God’s
    His dwelling, was where God was
    Blessings flowed from the threshold
    From the time he was young until he was old
    The Lord remained,
    His family sustained
    The Ark of God
    Within their hearth
    As the evenings closed
    The glow of cherubim
    Reflecting in fire’s light
    Brought hopeful joy
    At the end of night
    The Spirit filled and God did meet
    Turning every chair into a mercy seat

    © September 29, 2014, Robbie Pruitt

    “The ark of the LORD remained in the house of Obed-Edom the Gittite for three months, and the LORD blessed him and his entire household.” –2 Samuel 6:11

    1. Wonderful poem, Robbie. Thank you for sharing it here. I especially like the line about turning every chair into a mercy seat.

      1. Jack, thank you. I just love your work, your artwork and your music. Along with The Spirit, it inspires creativity in me. The fist Bible class of the day used this blog post as our devotional. We listened and reflected on the photos of you art. Thank you again for what you do!

      2. You are welcome, Robbie. Thank you for letting me know about your class too. I would have loved to hear what insights your students had into the story of Obed Edom and His God. To hear about my work having value in that way gives me hope that I am not just making pictures. Thank you.

  2. What a powerful piece of art, my friend! I love all of the detail shots. Your carving skills are unreal! And as always I really love the pairing of the image with your music. Your songs when I hear them are always a calming thing.

    1. Thank you, Mikey. I think this print certainly represents the best of my linoleum carving to this point- although I see thousands of avenues to improve.

  3. Jack..the carved detail is so wondrously rooted and grained. A biblical GreenMan. Instead of being made of, or disgorging, leaves…Obed stands like the tree of life itself. Why are there tears? Is he overcome? … there is so much fun to look at here.
    Congratulations, Jack. It’s a splendid piece!

    1. Thank you, Jana, for your particular way of seeing things. That the GreenMan was earth and spirit is fitting as a comparison. I think he is overcome. Becoming rooted to God’s presence like that. But I don’t know all that he is feeling. I am glad that you like it.

  4. Hi Jack. Well, that was a rather phenomenal seven minute + trip into black and white fire. I was carried by the sound into the shapes into the signs into the symbols into the feeling of. It’s almost like a vision into a vision. Stunning work.

    1. Thank you, Steven. Black and white fire, like seeing history from a book, we have to imagine what it looked like in color. Or black and white fire- precisely discerning between dark and light- a binary vision of fire. Thank you for taking the seven minute trip.

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