11 thoughts on “Walking Man of the Roots

  1. I love this drawing, my friend, and think this one is really significant. What is especially interesting is how the emergence of the lion is so seamless with the land and trees and blowing flags in the wind. It’s great, and would make a really cool painting too! Thanks for sharing it.

    1. Thanks for your observation about the lion, Mikey, it is an important one. It would make a cool painting- I feel I yet have some things to work out about it to get it closer to that realm.

      1. I totally understand the sentiment. There is something about this drawing that reminds me of your paintings of a decade ago! I see a lion in a wood…

      2. Of course! It wore grooves into the back of my brain like an old vinyl record!

  2. Yet again you and I walk a similar and yet completely different landscape. I too have frequently use a lion… and sometimes lions… in my work. And here you have a lion-like creature, drawn with all of the visionary clarity of an old master. I doff my cap!

    1. There are echoes of ancient things that maybe we both hear parts of, Clive. And visions of ancient mysteries that we both see fragments of. I am really very humbled by your words. Thank you.

  3. So imaginative and so very textural. I love this landscape ‘event.’ Walking Man really feels free to make himself right at home. :- ) So now I wonder if the lion/ram/manifestation would have appeared if he wasn’t ‘beneath’ the grass….top soil…layer of earth. Half-buried he experiences the air/sky in a new way? Fascinating and full of so many propositions. Love the drawing itself also.

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