Wood Fire

Lift Earth Rise , compositional sketch on guitar

Wood Fire10
small eyes wonder
Wood Fire07
A five year old little girl with a pension for the aesthetics of random objects
Wood Fire28
while carving walnut to look like earth
Wood Fire24
of the golden dust of osage
Wood Fire15
he discovers eggs make lovely lanterns
Wood Fire06
walk out to find these things from my Goldsworthy protégée
Wood Fire23
the horse rolls out, making its provision and fuel
Wood Fire18
Quercus rubra holds Quercus alba for a shave
Wood Fire19
showing how much learning is found when a draw knife pulls through the grain
Wood Fire21
and much beauty in the life of trees
Wood Fire22
yielding four legs from the rugged giant of civilization (that is Mr. Q. Alba)
Wood Fire02
back to the door. routing tongues and tenons, applying coiled energy to transferred pattern
Wood Fire03
every fit feels like a miracle
Wood Fire04
and the two become one
Wood Fire05
“Onforan” becoming a door, framing a passage
Wood Fire13
embers stirring embers
Wood Fire09
into the incense of fearless youth
Wood Fire14
a seed within a seed, life and healing travel in a mysterious shell
Wood Fire12
later, the arrangement has changed, she’s at it again
Wood Fire27
meanwhile, nature imitates nature
Wood Fire29
round violently became flat, then eases its way into concavity
Wood Fire11
green tips taken by the hoof-shod
Wood Fire25
the edges wound-up by the steel-shod
Wood Fire17
summits of pollen-yellow splendor arise from the dust
Wood Fire16
in a moment, history and beauty merge and glow
Wood Fire20
while the broad axe composes its song
Wood Fire01
as it was written in fire
Wood Fire26
as it was written in wood

8 thoughts on “Wood Fire

  1. A wonderful sequence of images. I particularly like “”Onforan” becoming a door, framing a passage” with its “natural edge” joinery–a great idea. I’m curious; how do you clean up the natural edge of the inside, exposed edges of the rails and stiles? Card scrapers?

    I’m a retired engineering faculty member who is trying to feed the artsy side of my life with woodworking (furniture, bowls, carving), photography, and writing family history. My parents were born and raised near Moundridge; I have deep Kansas roots. Your art is inspiring on many levels. Thank you.


    1. Thank you very much, Don. I always enjoy hearing from you. It is especially nice to know that you have Kansas Roots. I am grateful that what I do would be inspiring to one such as yourself. As far as cleaning up those natural edges, it involves a lot of patience. Mostly I use a combination of tools: a drawknife, carving knife and a few chisels and gouges, followed by a worn out random orbit sander, and then hand sanding. May your own endeavors be fruitful to their purpose.

  2. Jack, this is one of my favorite posts! (Though I probably feel that way every time.) The marriage of that music and the imagery. I love seeing your children at play. That’s so cool! When I was overseas and you’d post a new song, at times I would just listen and drift out of where I was at. Is that a new sprout spoon out of walnut?

    1. Thanks Mikey, It is good to know that the music gave you a place to drift when you where in Thailand. The spoon is got some characteristics of sprout. It is more of a curved ladle: a commission from Etsy.

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