11 thoughts on “Root Soup Supper Server

  1. Hi Jack. Beautiful spoon shape and material.
    I share sometimes your posts on FB. Many people like youre works. I hope you don’y mind. best regards!

    1. Hi, Angus. Thanks for the comment. The color and grain of the walnut in this piece certainly is spectacular. I am honored that you share my posts.

  2. Hi Jack,

    Just incredible work here – all your piece are amazing and thanks for sharing the photo’s around your working farm – I share them widely and they are greatly appreciated – always!

    1. “all that is gold does not glitter” , thank you, Steven. I do hope that it carries some value, maybe not like gold in the monetary sense- not that I would complain if it did 🙂

  3. What a cool piece, man! Really incredible forming of an object. You’re becoming a bit of an alchemist!

    1. perhaps I resemble that crazy fellow that Bruegel depicted in his drawing of said alchemist 🙂 -I have seen my children wearing funnels on their heads. As a matter of fact, I am often struck by how having young children is a lot like living in a Bruegel painting.

  4. Always beautiful, always covetable. I have an admiration for artists with practical skills, who make the everyday something to be cherished, as you do here. For you whether a painting, a print, a vessel or a puppet, all are the same. All are worthy of respect, all celebrate the creative spirit of making.

    1. Thank you very much, Clive. I am surrounded by supportive friends. I am glad that you are one of them. It is gratifying to learn that aspects of what I strive to impart into my what work are evident to you.

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