I have been printing an edition of Flying Fish, a copper-plate engraving about the miracle of provision experienced by Thor Heyerdahl and his crew in the Pacific Ocean on their balsa log raft, the Kon Tiki.  This print is for sale at the Baumwerk Etsy store.

provision04 provision06 provision03 provision07 provision09

…a Walking Man drawing for my friend Steven.

provision10 provision02

5 thoughts on “Provision

  1. This is an incredibly cool post! I love the studio shots and the detail images of the print and the drawing. Those print images turned out really nice. I never read the book and need to watch the documentary on Kon Tiki soon. I hung up my walking men drawing in the living room the other day. Nice spot for it, too.

    1. Of course, you know I am a sucker for all things printmaking, drawing, and studio related. A wide breadth, I know. But what a beautiful piece!

    2. Thanks, Mikey. I have yet to watch the documentary, as well, but you won’t be disappointed by the book. I still remember some reference Russell Ferguson made to it when we were in school, pertaining to one of my paintings- before I had ever read it. Now it is one of my favorite books. I’ll save a fish for you.

      1. I too remember it coming up while we were in school. I believe Don was also interested in it, and remember you talking about it. I’ll add the book to my reading list!

  2. Fantastic to see this post with all the beautiful prints and drawings and atmosphere of the studio. Such beautiful work! I read ‘Kon Tiki’ as a lad and your ‘Provision’ print revisits for me the wondrous magic of the story. Such a warm series of images!

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