Mule Resophonic Witness

I recently completed work on the handmade certificate of authenticity for Mule Resophonic Guitars, shipping him the first Batch this past week.  I hope you enjoy the finished piece and a few photos of the printing process.

Mule Resophonic Witness, 2018 linocut, printed with sepia ink on French’s paper

The block after numerous printings becomes a beautiful object.

The first batch of prints sent off to Matt Eich, now to be included with every guitar he and his team build, including the name of the customer and the number of the guitar written in the banners at the bottom of the print.

inking the block

Tthe trusty and bespattered 4″ speedball brayer.

A detail of the inked block.

Registering the paper on the block and press bed using a simple jig.

The delicate task of lifting the print from the block post printing.

print and block side by side

Examining the proof for flaws

The much reworked original drawing of the design.

6 thoughts on “Mule Resophonic Witness

  1. Your finished piece is simply gorgeous, Jack — I do *so* admire your work! What a treasure it will be for the happy guitar owners to receive your prints with their new instruments. And what a treat it is also to get a glimpse of your workshop, and of your process. It will give an extra layer of meaning and appreciation to the print of “Walking Man” I bought from you on Etsy. (Which remains one of my absolute favorite things, btw.) Thank you for sharing your work here … your posts always brighten my day.

    1. David, thank you for your kind words. Collaborating with Matt was a wonderful experience that really enriched me and this piece!

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