Mary Magdalene and the Yellow Headed Blackbird

Mary Magdalene and the Yellow Headed Blackbird, 2021 linocut, 12″x12″

This print of Mary Magdalene is based on and inspired by the fifteenth century master, Rogier van der Weyden’s painting of Mary Magdalene from the Braque triptych in the Louvre. The text around the print reads: May I be Your witness, God, and a record of Your goodness, mercy, and faithfulness. You can purchase a print in our store here.

The original graphite drawing for the print.
a detail of the block during carving

2 thoughts on “Mary Magdalene and the Yellow Headed Blackbird

  1. Hi Jack, I hope this finds you and your family well. Your latest lincut of Mary and the Yellow Headed Blackbird is magnificent and so poignant. I just ordered one.

    I realize you are very busy, but would you consider framing it for me? The frame you made for another print I purchased some years ago (Jacob Wrestling with God), and fit the piece so perfectly. I would love to hang these pieces together.

    I would pay you whatever you feel is appropriate for your time and supplies.

    If this isn’t possible, I completely understand.

    Enjoy the Fall- my favorite time of year and such a relief from the horrible heat we’ve had in the NW.

    Peace be with you. Laurie

    Laurie Byers

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