Chair Repair

Repairing a hickory and oak chair that was brought to me with a broken front leg.

Riven white oak leg, turned on the lathe then bent green in the form.

Marking the tenon on the top of the leg.

Splitting the waste from the tenon with a chisel.

Cleaning up the tenon with a rasp.

Workbench top with the leg and tools.

Drilling the holes for the stretchers with a brace.

The chair with its new leg.

5 thoughts on “Chair Repair

    1. Mark,

      Thank you for all the good comments. The tool in question is a small hammer I made for tapping wedges and pegs. The hammer head is actually a section of a hickory splitting-maul handle, with a piece of leather on one side, and the handle, a section of deer antler. It works well for adjusting marking gauges and other light work.

  1. Found your blog through one of the green wood blogs and saw we had a lot in common as far as the work your doing goes. I do pen and ink illustration. Recently bought an old platen press to convert illustration work into prints. Wanting to do lino and woodcut when I can find the time. I carve and sculpt in wood, built myself a shaving horse, use hand tools quite a bit on various projects. Have an Alaskan mill for slabs, but there’s a real mill a few miles from my house and several bandmills in the area. Still love to have a bandmill of my own. I stay busy with commissions, mostly carving, but I have a lot of hand tool projects I want to do when when time allows.

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