Finished Hope Chest

Here is the finished hope chest.  The primary case, and lid frame are cherry, the drawer case and lid panels are black walnut, the trim is hard maple, the secondary wood for the drawers, till, and interior structural is white oak, the floor of the chest is eastern red cedar, and the drawer pulls are ebonized black walnut.  The finish is 4 coats of danish oil.

Ebonized black walnut pulls.

The white oak till.

Hammered copper brackets for the lid support.

4 thoughts on “Finished Hope Chest

    1. Thank you, Yaakov. I am honored by your comments. The drawer pulls I made, as well as the copper lid stay/support. The hinges I ordered from a catalog, but had to modify them slightly to fit my application of them. Thanks again for the comments. I am glad to have your voice.

  1. Nice job. A marvelous expression of this iconic form. Impressive to see multiple layers that greets the eye. Contrast between the cherry and walnut from a distance, plus lots of great surprises in the details when seen up close. Thanks for sharing your work.

    George Walker

    1. Mr. Walker

      Thank you for your kind critique of the chest. The rich color relationship between cherry and walnut, and how cherry tends to take a shine and walnut sort of resists it is fascinating. I am honored that you enjoy the work.


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