Finished Hope Chest

Here is the finished hope chest.  The primary case, and lid frame are cherry, the drawer case and lid panels are black walnut, the trim is hard maple, the secondary wood for the drawers, till, and interior structural is white oak, the floor of the chest is eastern red cedar, and the drawer pulls are ebonized black walnut.  The finish is 4 coats of danish oil.

Ebonized black walnut pulls.

The white oak till.

Hammered copper brackets for the lid support.

Tree Carving

I have begun the carving on the main front panel of a cherry and walnut hope chest.  This carving is in cherry and features a shallow relief of a stylised tree.

Below is a gratuitous workshop picture with a goofy three-legged stool I turned out this week.  The carved panel is held to the bench with hold-fasts.

Hope Chest

Pictured below is the beginings of a hope chest in cherry and walnut, primarily.  The pictures depict the joinery of the upper case of the chest, which is cherry, and will lit atop a narrower walnut case with a row of drawers.

Here the dovetails have been cut and the piece is clamped together in order to mark precisely the corresponding pins.

cutting the pins with a dovetail saw…

cutting out the majority of the waste with a coping saw…

chopping out the rest of the waste with a paring chisel…

the board with pins cut out on both ends…

the case dry fitted.