The Newton Chest

Newton Chest front bw

I am pleased to share some images of this memorial-hope chest built for a kind family up North.   They drove a long road to pick it up this weekend and meet my family and myself.  and found the road back with a little less leg room I am afraid.  I have sought that my work might be graced to carry God’s blessing for those who are receiving it.  I certainly hope this one does.  It is a dovetailed chest with drawers featuring an inlaid tree design and an unorthodox lid.   The woods were all harvested and milled here in Kansas: black walnut and green ash, with quarter sawn white oak, eastern red cedar, ebonized black walnut, bald cypress and poplar (not from KS).

Finished Hope Chest

Here is the finished hope chest.  The primary case, and lid frame are cherry, the drawer case and lid panels are black walnut, the trim is hard maple, the secondary wood for the drawers, till, and interior structural is white oak, the floor of the chest is eastern red cedar, and the drawer pulls are ebonized black walnut.  The finish is 4 coats of danish oil.

Ebonized black walnut pulls.

The white oak till.

Hammered copper brackets for the lid support.

Tree Carving

I have begun the carving on the main front panel of a cherry and walnut hope chest.  This carving is in cherry and features a shallow relief of a stylised tree.

Below is a gratuitous workshop picture with a goofy three-legged stool I turned out this week.  The carved panel is held to the bench with hold-fasts.

Hope Chest Drawer Case

Below is a group of photos of some details of the construction of the black walnut drawer carcass and the drawer fronts for the cherry and walnut hope chest.  Please click on any of the pictures to view larger.

The lower web/ frame for the bottom of the drawer unit, it is constructed of white oak with the front (visible) rail being walnut.

The drawer case with the web installed with tongue and groove

The main chest rests upon the drawer case

Flattening walnut drawer fronts with a jointer

A forged bench hook (I learned from Peter Follansbee)

The flattened and drawer fronts ready to be marked and cut to length

The drawer fronts wedged in their spots to see how they look.  Also the dividers have been installed with stopped dovetails.