Morels, Sangreal, Forge and Tree

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The End of the Valley, guitar, accordion, fiddle and banjo.

If you are having trouble viewing the slideshow try clicking the post title to go directly to the post.  -jack

8 thoughts on “Morels, Sangreal, Forge and Tree

  1. Beautiful! I love the pairing of the music to the images. I can view this on my phone– not sure why my laptop was having trouble with it. You are getting vary good at capturing different aspects of your life with a camera. Looks great!

    1. Anonymous? WordPress is buggy as all hell today. That was me, earlier. I wonder what the issue is with this? I can in fact see it if I go directly to the post…


      1. Thanks, Mikey. I knew it was you, incognito:) I am not sure what the issue is. At any rate, knowing your appreciation for mushrooms, I wish you could have enjoyed those morels. The big C and I overflowed two cloth grocery bags one morning last week a-hunting them at his ranch. I actually dried about half of them. The other half we ate.

      2. Wow, two full bags of fresh morels is an amazing bounty! The dried ones could make very good soups later on . . . On my phone it was really fantastic to be able to play the intended music you made and watch the slideshow at the same time. They worked very harmoniously together. Well done.

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