Carving Mr. Edom… Still

Slowly carving away at a block of linoleum featuring Obed Edom and the Ark of God’s covenant with Israel.
Obed E still2

Obed E still5

Obed E still1

Obed E still4

Obed E still7

Obed E still6

Obed E still3

10 thoughts on “Carving Mr. Edom… Still

  1. Oh man this is masterful. Stunning. Absolutely chock full of art history and deep feeling. Those shavings look like he cut off his beard. I had to double check. Such a sense of immediacy in this composition (ironically ancient). Thanks for sharing this!

    1. Thank you, Steven. It is ironic about the immediacy, considering how long I am taking to cut this block. I am grateful that you see it that way, since it is easy for the deliberate way I compose and layer over my work to slip into a stagnant form. Funny about those shavings:)

    1. Thank you, Bev. I often entertain the thought that each line and cut bears meaning, almost like alliteration. Certainly the lines of Obed Edoms hands do carry with them story.

  2. Jack, Thank you for Obed,s tears. He must have been overwhelmed I cant imagine the feeling and honor he had when God came to live with him at his house. Much like us who are blessed and honored that he has come to live and take up residence inside of us through His Son. Obed Edom means worker of or servant of Edom and Edom means red or rosy or flushed. I think the name is fitting for your life as you are a servant in Rose(Edom) Hill working and serving the land. God reveals Himself in the natural things that surround us and art will sometimes speak what He is saying. Keep up the beautiful work!! Your work speaks.

    1. David, thank you for your insights, especially connecting Rose Hill to Edom. Some comments go further than the words that are written. I think that is the case here.

  3. No stagnant form here. The imagery blazes with intensity and already, before printing, seethes with movement. As beautiful as an object, this block of cut linoleum, as any print pulled from it!

    1. Thank you Clive. I am glad the intensity carries through. His story, though short, is deep with intensity and mystery. Obed Edom stirs strong currents.

      I am grateful that you like it, Clive. I hope the print matches your expression.

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