The Rites of May

Rites of May08

Rites of May05

Rites of May16

Rites of May09

Rites of May10

Rites of May01

Rites of May02

Rites of May21

Rites of May07

Rites of May03

Rites of May11

Rites of May04

Rites of May15

Rites of May22

Rites of May14

Rites of May12

Rites of May13

Rites of May19

Rites of May17

Rites of May20

Rites of May06

Rites of May23

Rites of May24

Rites of May18

additional photo credits, including the opening flower, go to DCR

6 Comments on “The Rites of May

  1. Gorgeous images, as always, my friend. Great to see the land and its fruit. Who’s that old grey bearded fellow holding that loch ness monster sized catfish? Are you stocking the pond out at Fall River with them? Also, can I ask what the purpose of the blue tape on the bowls is?

    • Thank you, Mikey. You’re friend is getting old. We eat the smaller catfish and let the big ones go in various ponds. My dad’s ponds all have a few flatheads in them over the years. They are like the Loch-Ness monster in some of those little farm ponds. The blue tape helps to keep the end grain on the bowls, which are turned from green (still wet wood) from drying out too quickly and splitting fear the base of the bowls. The uses for blue tape never end, it seems. I hope your well as you prepare to journey home soon.

      • Thank you, my friend. I keep missing your replies to my comments. I wish that gmail had not reorganized itself the way that it did- I just saw this morning you made two additional posts. The uses for blue tape never end. I love that stuff. I like that you let the big ones rule the roost in those farm ponds. That’s a great notion.

    • I thought the fishing pictures might appeal to you, Steven, even though they are not bullheads:) Never far indeed.

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