Wood Vessels

etsy bowls12.jpgetsy bowls17.jpgetsy bowls04.jpgetsy bowls23.jpgetsy bowls11.jpgetsy bowls21.jpgetsy bowls03.jpgetsy bowls16.jpgetsy-bowls01etsy bowls13.jpgetsy-bowls07etsy-bowls09These bowls are all for sale in our Etsy Store if you are interested.  Thanks for looking.

5 thoughts on “Wood Vessels

  1. HI Jack,
    As usual your bowls push me to pursue new ideas. I’ve done some natural edge bowls as well. Some with bark left on, some not. I’m interested in your technique for finishing the natural edge. My first thought is to use a drawknife. Any suggestions?


    Seeing your work, always brightons my day.


    1. Hi Don. It is gratifying to know I am pushing you to try new things. I usually use a knife to finish the natural edge bowls. I really like the knives the Mora in Sweden make. They have a really long and acute bevel that holds a sharp edge. Then I’ll just touch the edges with finer grit papers to break the hardness.

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