Crosstimber Tables

These images document a build in its early stage of a family of black walnut tables, centered around a richly grained and beautifully colored walnut tree which we salvaged from a farm near Winfield, Kansas.  The tables are a collaboration between my best friend/business partner and myself, sharing designing and building tasks to create, what we hope, are some authentically good pieces of furniture in the continuing tradition of live-edge/natural-slab furniture.

8 Comments on “Crosstimber Tables

  1. That looks like a crazy amount of work! Can’t wait to see the finished pieces.

    • Thanks, my friend. Hopefully we got some good shots “in-situ”

    • Thank you, Rick. Always a pleasure to hear from you.

  2. These butterfly joints are so very incredible. Poetic, gentle, graceful. The specific placement, design, & care with which you both made them feels to me to be the same respectful, kind way that one treats someone very old. I love them.

    Every time I visit I see something that I know draws out the Father’s knowing smile & deep, son-toward pride.


    • Thank you for such a thoughtful and kind comment, Katherine. It means a lot.

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