Crosstimber Tables

These images document a build in its early stage of a family of black walnut tables, centered around a richly grained and beautifully colored walnut tree which we salvaged from a farm near Winfield, Kansas.  The tables are a collaboration between my best friend/business partner and myself, sharing designing and building tasks to create, what we hope, are some authentically good pieces of furniture in the continuing tradition of live-edge/natural-slab furniture.

10 thoughts on “Crosstimber Tables

  1. These butterfly joints are so very incredible. Poetic, gentle, graceful. The specific placement, design, & care with which you both made them feels to me to be the same respectful, kind way that one treats someone very old. I love them.

    Every time I visit I see something that I know draws out the Father’s knowing smile & deep, son-toward pride.


  2. Very nice work. Its hard to find true craftsmen today. What type of finish (brand product) did you apply to the wood? And how was the finishing process done, how many coats, did you sand between coats etc…?


    1. Hi Steve. Thank you so much for your comment. I used a mix of polyurethane and boiled linseed oil for the finish on these tables. About a 1:1 ratio. I will put at least 5 coats on, but I prefer more. I do sand with 600 grit or steel wool between every coat.

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