Trestle Table in Black Walnut

I delivered this table to my client’s office last week. It is good to finish a piece and be able to celebrate it. In spite of this I tend to experience a wide range of emotions and second guessing when I finish a job. One thing that never changes though is the gratitude I feel at the opportunity to be a woodworker, one who engages the authentic witness of the trees. They always have a real story to tell about our God and His majesty and faithfulness.

7 thoughts on “Trestle Table in Black Walnut

  1. Gorgeous work, Jack — I know only a tiny bit about woodworking, but I do know enough to compliment the exquisite joinery. I’m sure your client will be very pleased indeed, especially since the table brings with it your intention and testament to God.

  2. Its a gorgeous table Jack. One that will surely be passed down through many generations to come with great reverence. Well done.

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