Gessoed Door Panels

Over the past week, the white oak panels  for the painting cabinet were gessoed using a traditional cooked recipe of rabbit skin glue, and ground calcium carbonate.

The panels dry fitted in the doors.

The panels with the  masking removed.

Gessoing the panels.

The thickness of about 12 coats of gesso.

White Oak Painting Cabinet

A dovetailed painting cabinet  in quarter-sawn white oak.  The tree grew along the Van Horn Branch just south of Boaz, Kansas, until it’s bank gave way.  The panels will be gessoed and receive an oil painting.  The cabinet is only dry fitted.  It will not be glued up until the panels are fully prepared.  In order to eliminate the center stiles of the frame and panel doors, the inside inch and 1/2 is a full tenon into the rail, while the rest of the panel will float in the customary grooves.