Crystal Geodesic Dome

A few loose grasps at drawing a crystal geodesic dome.  As an experiment here is a song to accompany the images.

Geodesic Dome 1st attempt table top with dome drawing

The Legend of Walking Man, Part 1


The first documentation of Walking Man from 1998


Country and City Walking Men, 2005


Another early drawing of Walking Man from 1999


Walking Man looking out of a window 2001


The following is an early description of Walking Man as it appears in the play The Two Deaths of John Beartrist Laceroot:


Walking Man does quite a good bit of doing things, but often

is found plainly walking; in circles or in unjoined lines.

Also with regularity, in simple curves as well as complex

compounded curves accompanied with series of strait lines.

Less frequently, but often enough to be mentioned, he walks

in lines forming letters that sometimes are random and do

not spell out any sort of thing, but at other times they

make up words or sentences.

Walking Man is found often to have walked from one geographic­-

al location to another geographical location extremely far removed from the

first, kicking the leaves underneath the trees.

For the ‑ uhmm… individual, the imagination is much more endued

with the powerful swaying grip of reality than that of the

actual objective reality.  That is to say that, umm…ahh, to some people,

the life experienced within the imagination is just as real, if not more real,

than the life experienced outside the imagination…

if…the…ahh…two can be separated at all. In this consideration,

Walking Man is John Beartrist Laceroot.