Thomas Grisaille

DSC_0044 DSC_0109

Progress on the underpainting in grisaille for the Thomas panel since abandoning egg tempera.


DSC_0110I have been working with Tad Spurgeon’s text lately.  It is chalk-full of information on the craft of painting, from technique to philosophy, historical research and criticism to in depth analysis of oils and their endless permutations, pigments, resins, additives, and etc, with many useful formulas and recipes.  I have not explored enough to venture a review, but I am enjoying it.

Thomas and Jesus

Years ago I was commissioned to make a painting of Thomas touching the side of Jesus after the Resurrection.  I began this drawing then but ended up doing a much simpler painting for the commission.  I am in the process of preparing a large panel (for the second time) in order to paint this picture.  In this post is the drawing and original painting.  Following posts will explore the large panel construction and preparation and the new easel I have had to build to accommodate it.

The drawing.

Left detail.

Center detail.

Right detail.

The original painting.