Thomas and Jesus

Underpainting Complete!

The grisaille underpainting of Thomas and Jesus, et all is finally to a point where I feel ready to begin applying glazes of color.  After 6 years of work I thought I should take some decent photos of the whole thing before the next phase.  Thank you for watching.

Jonah and the Cave of the Erth

Jonah has been coming up a lot lately.  I thought I would share a photo of this big painting which I have been working on over the past 5 years.

Jonah and the Cave of the Erth

Jonah and the Cave of the Erth

Thomas Grisaille

Thomas Grisaille 3-29

Thomas is taking a break now, but here is the most recent status of the grisaille under-paintng.

Thomas grisaille drape detail

Thomas grisaille detail



Go On: The Mountain of Signs and Wonders

Holy Mountain

It was a positive experience revisiting the old portrait of my friend Mikey a few weeks back so I thought I might revisit a few more older paintings that have never been featured here on the blog (they have been represented on the permanent pages).  Today’s painting is called Go On:  The Mountain of Signs and Wonders, painted in 2003 with oils on a wooden panel.  It began as an exploration on the miracle of the transfiguration of Jesus.  My apologies on the poor quality of the image, it is a scan from a slide.