7 thoughts on “Ligneous

  1. Jack,
    That is a beautiful walnut crotch vase!! It looks like storm clouds brewing a tornado. God did appear to Job out of a whirlwind and he is revealed in all of nature. Thanks for unveiling this beautiful piece of wood and displaying its glory.

    1. Thank you, David. It is a beautiful piece of walnut. I have a few others in the wings that I think will be pretty special. I like how you see the whirlwind in the walnut, especially as it is from a tree shaped in part (as most trees in Kansas are) by strong and persistent winds. He makes good work out of struggle.

  2. Beautiful. this is like….work. All about work. Transforming with machinery and hand to alter, build, design, purge. I don’t think a diamond ring could appear more valuable.

    1. Thank You, Steven. I like your word choices. The phrase “hand to alter” I keep wanting to read “hand to altar”.

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