Spring Bowls

spring bowls 201404

kentucky coffee tree

spring bowls 201401

white oak

spring bowls 201405


spring bowls 201406

locust rim

spring bowls 201409

black walnut

spring bowls 201407


spring bowls 201408

crabapple base

spring bowls 201412

cherry spoon

spring bowls 201413

cherry spoon

spring bowls 201403

kentucky coffee tree

spring bowls 201411

kentucky coffee tree

spring bowls 201410

kentucky coffee tree

spring bowls 201402

black walnut

16 thoughts on “Spring Bowls

    1. Nir, some of these were for an order, but the ones that are for sale I will have up on my Etsy store soon. I’ll try and put the word out here when I do. Thanks.

    1. Thanks, David. The finish on these bowls is walnut oil. I like to keep it simple, but sometimes I may add a little beeswax 🙂

      1. Thanks for the info I have been wanting to try some. It seems to stay closer to the natural color of the wood. The symmetry in your natural edge bowls is very good as this can be difficult sometimes to balance. I like the two horns on the walnut bowl that oppose each other equally. The flaming crabapple is a real beauty!! Thanks for sharing.

      2. You are welcome, David, anytime. I like that walnut bowl too. I had a bigger one from the same piece that was very nice as well. I hope that you have chance to give it a try.

    1. Does it roar? That is interesting- sometimes they are like vast open mouths. I hope they roar a little. Thanks, Steven.

    1. Thank you, Jana. I am grateful that you see them as fitting tributes. It is good to celebrate the echo of an ancient living voice.

  1. Dude, your woodworking skills are out of control these days. I am so grateful for the internet to be able to be able to follow your progress.

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