Spring Bowls

spring bowls 201404

kentucky coffee tree

spring bowls 201401

white oak

spring bowls 201405


spring bowls 201406

locust rim

spring bowls 201409

black walnut

spring bowls 201407


spring bowls 201408

crabapple base

spring bowls 201412

cherry spoon

spring bowls 201413

cherry spoon

spring bowls 201403

kentucky coffee tree

spring bowls 201411

kentucky coffee tree

spring bowls 201410

kentucky coffee tree

spring bowls 201402

black walnut

Big Bear of a Locust Log

We cut this big dead Honey-Locust (Gleditsia triancanthos) at Boaz last fall.  I cut him in half out there free-hand, which took nearly 3 hours, then hauled him home.  After some flattening I cut the halves into 3.5″ slabs.  I still had to use the tractor to move them.

Locust Bowl

Locust bowl with textured rim

Detail of the rim


Carved Pear-wood spoon


These pieces and a few other spoons and bowls are available for purchase and will be on the works for sale page soon with dimensions and prices.