Champion Table Build, Part 4: Base & Arc

base arc01
preparing to fit the base to the leg assembly
base arc03
defining a semicircle with 3 saw cuts
base arc02
3 saw cuts get refined into facets with a paring chisel
base arc04
and again
base arc05
then shaped with a rasp
base arc06
the base of one of the leg assemblies after the 1/2 lap-tapered dado has been cut
base arc07
here, mated with the white oak leg
base arc09
a different piece of white oak being shaped with a rasp, one of three slats joining the top of the leg assemblies together and to the table top
base arc08
the slats also receive a long bevel
base arc10
the slats will rest in the notches being cut into the top of this leg section
base arc11
clearing out material from the notch with a 1″ chisel
base arc12
establishing the final depth with a router plane
base arc13
here the slats are temporarily in place
base arc14
an arsenal of shaping tools to begin sculpting the legs
base arc16
shaping inside-curves of the leg assembly with an aggressive rasp
base arc17
forming a radius where the legs meet the base
base arc18
the preliminary drawings had a horizontal stretcher connecting the two leg assemblies at floor level. Having rough-shaped the components and taking a look, I started visualizing an arc instead. PVC pipe (already bent from a previous life in some low garden tunnels) offered a quick prototype to help see how it would look.
base arc19
the arc made sense, so now setting about squaring up a white oak timber for re-sawing
base arc20
re-sawn white oak and a glue-lamination form ready to make an arc
base arc21
the glue lamination in the form- my 8 year old son was indispensable in this process, helping to roll glue, assemble, and clamp
base arc22
rhythm is in unity to woodwork
base arc23
the white oak timber, reconfigured as a messy arc
base arc24
work for the jack plane
base arc26
now the smoothing plane
base arc25
cutting the tapers along the length of the arc at the band saw
base arc28
marking the taper at the width
base arc29
cutting the taper at the width
base arc30
more elbow grease with the smoothing plane
base arc31
shaping the many curves and facets along the arc, first with a drawknife
base arc32
then with spokeshave
base arc33
establishing details with knife
base arc34
facets ease into curves
base arc35
test fitting- some refining-shaping to go yet
base arc36
setting the location of the chamfers on the leg-base
base arc38
shaving away rasp markings
base arc39
carving corner transitions
base arc37
so many details to bring together- here the leg base is about done.

That’s it for this round- next week there will be lots of sanding, also carving and inlay work as the table finally starts to become unified. Thank you to everyone for following along, and for your encouraging comments.

8 thoughts on “Champion Table Build, Part 4: Base & Arc

  1. Whoever gets to live with this table when it’s done, is graced. But these photos and sharing your work is nearly as good for those of us less fortunate – some of these images are just pure poetry, pure painting (whoever is taking them.) Even from across the Atlantic, all you do shouts prayer and worship and peace and….I’m out of words. Please keep sharing what you do, it is really important. Really important. Thank you.

    1. It is good to hear from you, Helen. Thank you so much for the life-giving words. Such reassurance, as you know, cannot be bought, but is valuable encouragement as I continue on in my work.

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