Fumed White Oak

fumed oak09 fumed oak08 fumed oak05 fumed oak06 fumed oak07 fumed oak04 fumed oak03 fumed oak02 fumed oak01 fumed oak10DSC_0360DSC_0372 fumed oak11 fumed oak12 fumed oak13 fumed oak14 fumed oak20 fumed oak19 fumed oak23 fumed oak22 fumed oak24 fumed oak17 fumed oak16
The above are eight turned pieces from a single 24″ section of a 24″ diameter white oak from Boaz, Kansas. The tree fell over and across the Van Horn Branch Creek about 10 years ago- We finally pulled the log out 2 years ago, and it has laid in my log pile since then, although I did mill a portion of it. The heart wood is still green, so these bowls were turned green and allowed to warp as they dried. Ultimately all the pieces were exposed to ammonia vapors (fumed) which reacted to the tannins in the wood, darkening the surfaces.

8 thoughts on “Fumed White Oak

  1. Beautiful little pieces Jack! I’m especially attracted to the one with the pour spouts and the chalice. I can almost smell the wood. Once again…a fine transfer of energy.

  2. Quite transfixed by the little ribbed bowl… The texture brings to mind sunlight being split through the rippling surface of clear, shallow lake water. You expose and highlight His design wondrously.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Your poetic description of the ray flecking in the oak across the texture of the bowl is really nice and appropriate. It paints a good picture to contemplate. I am grateful for your encouragement as well. – jack

  3. Theres a life-enhancing vision, energy and craftsmanship in these lovely creations. I’ve woken in the small hours, rattled by the storm buffeting our house here in West Wales. Amid all the turmoil of the screaming winds, this post with its vessels feels like a still, safe point. Thank you, Jack.

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