Chair Repair

Repairing a hickory and oak chair that was brought to me with a broken front leg.

Riven white oak leg, turned on the lathe then bent green in the form.

Marking the tenon on the top of the leg.

Splitting the waste from the tenon with a chisel.

Cleaning up the tenon with a rasp.

Workbench top with the leg and tools.

Drilling the holes for the stretchers with a brace.

The chair with its new leg.

Making New Scratch Stock Cutter

In order to make a bead detail for some frame molding I could either buy a router bit or make a new cutter for my scratch stock (a traditional shop-made molding cutter or scraper).  I believe that it is good to make your own tools when you can.

Below is the new cutter in the body of the scratch stock (similar to a marking guage), a piece of scrap walnut that has recieved the molding and an old triple flute cutter I made last winter.


The profile is marked on the blank before cutting.  The blank is roughly cut from an old handsaw blade with a cold chisel then filed smooth.


The profile is then cut out with a dremel cut-off wheel…


then cleaned up with files.


The finished profile cutter in the scratch stock body and the resulting bead cut into the walnut.