The Deeping Cold outside says to me, “Jack, it is a good time be indoors cutting copper into the flying fish of provision.”

“Indeed!” says I,  “but let us not forget those who toil without such comfort.”

“Verily!” says the Deeping Cold.

plate making01


plate making02

edge dust

plate making03

the transition

plate making04


plate making05

upon which to draw

plate making10


plate making06


plate making07


plate making08

hard meets soft

plate making09

line upon line

plate making11

slowly slowly

11 thoughts on “Cu

  1. This photographic sequence feels like a William Blake poem made of copper & wood & reflections…& your link to the world of work, and those who work in cold, well, empathy is connecting labour and art. Also Blakean. Visionary realism in the 21st century. Beautifully necessary and inspiring. Thank you.

    1. Thank you, Steven. Thank you for seeing into the deep pool in a plate of copper with me. I am interested in your statement about empathy connecting labour and art. On one level I understand, maybe? On another level I think there is far more than I am aware of.

  2. This is so great. You know I love these kinds of posts the best. When will you print this plate? Can’t wait to get my paws on one! Beautiful photos…

    1. Thank you, Mikey. I have to finish cutting the plate first, but I hope to print sometime this winter. I’ll let you know of course.

    1. I have slowly acquired these particular tools over the years. Some were handed down to me, some I bought, some I have broken and modified. However, you can buy a basic engraving or intaglio set from places like Graphic Chemical, Dick Blick, or E.C. Lyons, among others online. My favorite burin at present is a #2 square from Graphic Chemical. I hope this helps.

    1. Thanks, Jana. I am glad when I finally rested and followed my spirit into the seasons, instead of wrestling against every darn one!

      1. Aye Jack, living on wild land taught me this too…to find inspiration more connected than all those interminable internal loops. Gave reasoning for them gentling my spirit…how to give them wing. I’m enjoying your flight…

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