Copper and Oil

The printing of the 1st and 2nd state proofs of The Flying Fish of Provision copperplate engraving.Copper and oil14Copper and oil08Copper and oil01 Copper and oil10 Copper and oil02 Copper and oil12 Copper and oil03 Copper and oil04 Copper and oil05 Copper and oil06 Copper and oil07 Copper and oil09 Copper and oil16 Copper and oil18 Copper and oil17 Copper and oil15 Copper and oil13

Thanks to my son for his help photographing when my hands were inky.

Beasts of the Waters

…So God created great sea creatures and every living thing that moves, with which the waters abounded… NKJVBeasts of the Water1 Beasts of the Water2 Beasts of the Water3Beasts of the Water4Beasts of the Water5


The Deeping Cold outside says to me, “Jack, it is a good time be indoors cutting copper into the flying fish of provision.”

“Indeed!” says I,  “but let us not forget those who toil without such comfort.”

“Verily!” says the Deeping Cold.

plate making01


plate making02

edge dust

plate making03

the transition

plate making04


plate making05

upon which to draw

plate making10


plate making06


plate making07


plate making08

hard meets soft

plate making09

line upon line

plate making11

slowly slowly